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The projects «Adenium» and the «Crystaline Control» are called to re-imagine the relationship between technology and human interaction. How people can in one way or another interact with digital forms that exist only in a virtual environment in the context of contemporary art? Where to place the necessary common ground to create conditions for their interactivity? And also where are the boundaries between art and the world of entertainment and technology? And how to distinguish control from interactivity?


The projects show how the discovery of a new technique, or the development of a new technology, offers compelling new ways to explain the source of cognitive and cultural changes. These video projections, which I also call media sculptures, are mainly made using visual programming tools (vvvv), which gives the opportunity to make it interactive and generative. Adenium’s petals react to sound and clapping, a digital crystal can be controlled using a living crystal-joystick, to which special sensors and Arduino board are attached.


Living and virtual is getting closer to each other, and the viewer gets a new experience of interaction with the mysterious world of new media.

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