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Interdisciplinary art project ONA TELOS

is intended to create a new type of experience and perception through interaction between nature, living beings and the new reality of digital space.


In the Catalan language, ONA means «wave».

TELOS is the philosophical antique term representing the ultimate goal of everything that exists in the Universe.


ONA TELOS’ thematic and aesthetic aspirations go towards connecting the art world with entertainment and philosophy, game and interactivity with religious concepts and technology, international politics and art activism with meditation and exploration of the unconscious.


The creator of ONA TELOS, Ukrainian artist Tetiana Glavatskix/Hlavatskykh, is currently developing an eclectic system of contemporary art practice within the project. It is based on the concept of situational media perception, which consists in a lively response and modelling of an artistic utterance depending on the fluctuations of the information space around at a specific point in time. Her approach is a kind of visual fusion of digital art, traditional fine art, eclectic religious beliefs, information philosophy and media psychology.



Tetiana Glavatskix/Hlavatskykh is an interdisciplinary Ukrainian artist now based in London. She works with digital graphics, media installation, painting, sculpture, ceramics, tapestry and performance. She’s a recipient of the University of the Arts London International Postgraduate Scholarship and is a recent graduate with Distinction from the MA Fine Art course at Chelsea College of Arts. She has worked with Tate, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, the University of the Arts London, Google, the Koppel Project, IKLECTIK and many more. Her works are in private collections in the United Kingdom, China, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the USA and Russia. She has been working under the pseudonym Ona Telos for the last few years.



2021-2019 Сhelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London, 

MA Fine Art 

2016  New Media Art Lab, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg, semi-annual course of video and sound

2016  School of the Improvised Music, Sound Museum, St. Petersburg

2014-2009 St.Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, BA Monumental Painting



2019 UAL International Postgraduate Scholarship



2020  Visiting Lecturer, University of the Arts London 

2020  Assistant Curator, Late at Tate, Tate Britain

2022- 2023  Partnering Artist, Pimlico Million, London


2023  Ebury FLOW, exhibition and pop-up creative space, Ebury Edge, London

2023  Altered Planes, Metre Squared, London

2022  London Decompression, Fire Club, London

2022  Our Home: Ukraine, Kendrew Barn, St John's College, Oxford

2022  Before/after, UntoldUkraine, Glovebox, Dublin

2022  Before/after, Google Office, Dublin

2022  Courage To Create, Koppel Projects, London

2022  12h Radio With Ukraine Fundraiser, IKLECTIK lab, London

2022  Sunflower Auction, Chelsea College of Arts/Sotheby's Institute, London

2022  Physically Virtual, Ebury Edge Incubator, London

2022  Crescent London Launch Party, Secret Location East London

2022  Amphibia Vol.1, Secret Location East London

2021  Revenge of the Real, RuptureXIBIT Gallery, London

2021  RALLY, MA Fine Art Show, Chelsea College of Arts

2021  Brave Factory Festival, TOPKA stage, Kyiv

2021  Distanced Domestic, Co.Curation, The Old Dairy Hall, London

2021  Language Art Project, Central Saint Martins, London

2021  Grey Archives, 1st Yanjiao Art Biennial, Beijing

2020  Constructing Landscapes/Building Worlds, Late at Tate, Tate Britain, London

2020  The 5th Plinth, happening, Trafalgar Square, Frieze Art weekend, London

2020  Curtain Call, The Shop Front 286, London 

2020  THUMB, virtual show, Royal College of Art, London

2020  Like Lick, Instagram live performance, Chelsea College of Arts, London

2020  [UN]comfort Zone, virtual show, Chelsea College of Arts, London

2020  Ashes to Passion, St.Saviours Church, London

2020  Mardigras Festival, Cookhouse Gallery, London

2020  Will you still love me tomorrow?, Cookhouse Gallery, London

2019  What will you fight for? Chelsea College of Arts, London 

2019  Side Bar, Cookhouse Gallery, London

2019  MAFA International Festival, Cookhouse Gallery, London

2018  ADENIUM, FLOW~er Festival, Berthold Center, St.Petersburg

2018  LXXX Session, St.Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra, Jaani Kirik Concert Hall, St. Petersburg

2017  TRAJECTORICS, St.Petersburg Improvisers Choir. HERE AND NOW: Contemporary improvised music in Russian Museum, Marble Palace, State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg

2017  A Romance With Revolution/Foamania, Museum of nonconformist art, St.Petersburg

2017  RAM X media installation, GAMMA festival, St.Petersburg

2016  DRAMA HOUSE in collaboration with Alexandra Dementieva, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre

2016  101.Mediapoetry Festival, The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg

2016  Sound ON, Sound Museum, St.Petersburg

2016  GADGETOPHONIA, Taiga space/ Cyland MediaArtLab, St.Petersburg

2015  Will to Freedom. Shibari on the tanks- performance on the territory of War Museum, Kyiv

2015  Don’t Kill,  To Democracy in Russian Federation- performances, S-ART Peter Vois gallery, Moscow

2015  Collective action, C.АРТ галерея Петра Войса (S-ART Peter Vois gallery), Moscow

2014  BIENNALE MIRA (Biennale of Peace), Kalinin’s dacha -curatorial project, St.Petersburg

2014  The Falling under the Stalin Park stone, improvised performance in Stalin Park, Harbin, China

2014  Heilongjiang Forest Ecological Festival, Yichun, China

2014  Image of a Woman, Kazanskaya 7 art space, St.Petersburg

2014  Hipposphere, Expoforum, St.Petersburg

2014  Tapestry: teacher and apprentices, Russian Center for Museum Pedagogy and Children's Creativity, State Russian Museum

2012- 2013  Summer practice, Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg

2011 Summer practice exhibition at the Scientific and cultural centre Museum-reserve of A. S. Pushkin, Pushkin Mountains

2011 18th International Yoga Festival, Pondicherry, India


2021 Distanced Domestic,

2020 THUMB show, Royal College of Art, London

2018 Open Eurasian Literary Festival & Book Forum

2017 Artification/2017, Gamma Festival

2016  Ether devoted to Astronautics Day,, 12.04.2016, St.Petersburg


2016  Gadgetophonia (7.02.16),


2015 Art protest: artistic weapons or diagnostics of diseases of a society? (Арт-протест: мистецька зброя чи діагностика хвороб суспільства?), 19.06.2015, Radio Svoboda, Kyiv, Ukraine


2014  Exhibition of masterpieces of fine arts (Выставка шедевров изобразительных искусств) 0451-87622122,, Harbin 2014, China


2014  LookAtMe, 11.10.14, Biennale Mira (announcement)

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